About Us


The Wolf: Known as the pathfinder, a guide and a teacher.

The Dragonfly: Known around the world as a symbol for change, self realization and maturity.

In the beginning stages of Regulate Yours different ideas of symbols and logos entered our mind and made it onto a scrap piece of paper. The two that stood out the most is the wolf and the dragonfly.

The spirit of a wolf is known as a pathfinder, a seeker of new ideas & knowledge and a teacher to all who are willing to listen. The dragonfly is known all over the world to be this character, representing change in the perspective of  self realization. An amazing little insect that is so beautiful and can do so much once it realizes its qualities and gifts. 

We are here to help & be the guide you need to realize your true gifts and qualities so that you are able to go out into the world as a beautiful dragonfly.


Arjana Makoci,
Co-owner, Life Coach & Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

At one point or another we all have lost control and direction in our life. My passion is to motivate, encourage, teach self-awareness and coach others through the process towards personal growth, to gain back control and direction in life. I help my clients create individualized plans to reach their goals through career coaching, relationship coaching, stress management, budgeting and more.

My educational background includes a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW).  My extensive experience in the human service field includes, training in multiple treatment modalities, substance use treatment for adolescence (A-CRA) and behavioral health therapy in various capacities.

In addition to a life coach, I am a mom to an amazing seven-year-old girl who loves traveling and making memories. I enjoy outdoor activities, staying healthy (although I love my chocolate), horror movies and comedies. 


Kristina Makoci,
Co-owner, Marketing & Business Specialist

Coming out of high school, just like many others, I enrolled into a college and picked a major. At the time I was confused, "What did I want to do with the rest of my life?",  such a frightening question for any 17 year old, I'm sure. I chose to attend Johnson & Wales University as a Marketing and Advertising Communications major, broad enough subject, I was certain I would find something I love to do in the 4 years I had before graduation. Well, graduation day came and just like many of my peers, I was unsure of my next steps.

In the years to come I held many positions. I worked as an Events Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Independent Real Estate Agent, Restaurant General Manager and  Membership Sales and Service Representative for multiple non-profit Associations. I am thankful for every position I've held because they each taught me different lessons and skills I am able to use today, with the most important lesson being what I truly want to do with the rest of my life. 

It took many self help books and sessions with my personal life coach, and sister, to realize that I am not the only one trying to "figure it out" and that I need to put in some work to make things happen. Which brings me here today, wanting to help others find their way and regulate their life.