About Power Steps

The group will run for 8 weeks, meeting once a week for 90 minute sessions (Scheduled sessions can be found here). 

The programs curriculum is designed in a way to help your youth transition into adulthood. Starting off in self exploration, where they really get to know themselves. Then moving into what makes a healthy independence, by exploring healthy habits, relationship building, stress management, critical reasoning, etc. Next steps include post secondary education, what you need to know, from applications to FAFSA. Research in different majors and careers, what can you do with different degrees. Learn about alternative educational options. Last but certainly not least, money management and budgeting, financial literacy (banking, taxes & loans), what to expect upon degree completion and next steps. Trying to balance thinking ahead but living in the moment. 

Cost for the group must be paid in full before the first session. The 8 week program cost is $75 per 90 minute session, which brings the grand total to $600 for the full program. 

Financial aid is always available but limited to qualifying persons. If you are interested in learning more about how our financial aid process works, email info@regulateyours.com with subject, Power Steps Financial Aid or complete the form below.

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